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The following information is meant to provide a brief description of the services offered by Bernier Enterprise, a Contract Purchasing Firm of Furniture, Fixtures, and Equipment (FF&E).

scope scope of services

Our role as the FF&E consultant is to ensure that the detailed specifications issued by the design consultant are evaluated, purchased, and installed at the project on behalf of the client. Although each project is unique and must be treated as such, the following are customary procedures followed by Bernier Enterprise.

reviewreview of project

We begin by doing a complete review of existing documents and drawings. Meetings between the consultants and client are held to initiate dialogue and questions. A clear understanding of the design direction, size and components of the project, specific concerns relating to the locale of the project, and the accuracy of the client's initial budget must be shared with all parties. From this information, Bernier Enterprise will prepare a preliminary budget and schedule for the FF&E.

biddingbidding and initial selection

Bid packages using the designer's specifications and drawings are issued for most items in the project. Sources from the vendor/installer bid lists, which are approved by the client/operator and designer, are gathered from the domestic and international markets based upon the needs of the project.

Upon receipt of returned bids, Bernier Enterprise negotiates with likely candidates on both specified and possible alternate items to ensure that budget requirements and design intent are maintained. Recommendations with back-up are submitted to the client and/or operator, and the designer for approval.

modelroomModel Room  (for hotels)

The model room is an important test situation for all consultants of the project, as it evaluates the design concept and its practicality. It also evaluates the various skills of the vendors utilized to put the room together.

Upon approval, Bernier Enterprise issues purchase orders, handles the expediting, manages the shipping, installation, and final arrangement of the model room.

selectionFinal Selection and Purchase

The final selection of vendors and installer is made upon approval of the model room (if applicable), and their respective purchase orders and/or contracts are prepared. All Local, State, and Federal/National codes and regulations are taken into account and noted. Any other specific requirements pertaining to the project are also noted.

A final budget is issued to the client for review. A cash flow projection is also prepared to allow the client to plan the release of funds for the project on a monthly and long-term basis.

Bernier Enterprise then submits all purchase orders and contracts to the client for review and signature. It's also advantageous to have the operator and/or interior designer review and sign-off on orders as well.


The following reports are issued to the client on a monthly basis to monitor the project:

All invoices and freight bills are received and verified by Bernier Enterprise. Payment requests are submitted to the client, along with the original invoice and/or freight bill.


The final phase of the project is ensuring that the merchandise is installed properly at the project. This is accomplished and monitored with expediting & installation reports.

In conjunction with the client, operator, and general contractor, Bernier Enterprise coordinates a final schedule for FF&E installation with the selected installer. From this schedule a full breakdown of the project is developed to allow shipments by area of readiness. The goal is to minimize the use of warehousing, rather than rely solely on it. All expediting and coordination with the installer works toward that objective.

Providing the client with the most reliable freight service at the best industry rates is another goal. Bernier Enterprise bids out to various domestic and international carriers to determine which company fills those requirements for the project.

We provide the necessary site supervision of the installation to ensure that all of the client's needs are met. We work closely with the other consultants, as well as the selected installer, to make the procedure as smooth and professional as possible.


At the close of the project, Bernier Enterprise will provide a final Budget and Status Report.



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